Spin art bikes

A bicycle powered spin art machine that gives you the ability to create thrilling and unique images in minutes. It brings a smile to the face of anyone who is using it or just watching.
The Spin Art Bike has been used at events large and small from the launching of the Nokia Lumia phone at the ExCel Centre in London to small park events in Nottingham. If you want to attract a crowd to raise awareness, to promote an event, canvas people or just entertain, the Spin Art Bike will do it for you. 

How it works

The Spin Art bike can be used indoors or outdoors.
One person pedals the bicycle which turns a set of pulleys that spin the turntable in a drum. Mounted on the turntable is an A3 sheet of paper onto which a second person drips paint to create their unique image. All paint is contained within the drum so clothes stay clean.

Example of Events

Launch of Nokia Lumia phone ExCel centre London.
Nottingham’s Splendour music festival, over 20,000 attendees
Park events
Used to promote Green issues
Generated a queue for Nottingham’s New Art Exchange to promote its season of events.
Children’s festivals
Mablethorpe’s Bathing Beauties Festival


Small event up to half a day £125 including materials.
All day event £250 including materials.
Large event 2000 to 5000 people £400 including materials.
There will also be a cost of 40 pence a mile after the first 25 miles.
If your event does not fit our pricing profiles please call to discus your requirements.